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Munich based Content Marketing lovers

Munich based Content Marketing lovers

Welcome to the Munich based Content Marketing lovers event!

This coming December, and on the occasion of gathering together all content marketing lovers in Munich – and all others located all over the world – we are happy to announce the great opening of the first Munich based content marketing lovers event. Similar to the well-known CMCX (standing for Content Marketing Conference and Exposition), which had a great success in Cologne last March, the purpose of this event is to enrich the knowledge of all Content Marketing lovers based in Munich with great presentations and talks from experts, but also amateurs, who are willing to become professionals in the awesome world of online marketing.

We love Content Marketing

Our agency Love Content Marketing is one of the sponsors of the event. We are currently working on all you need to know about this particular event and Content Marketing as a modern science of today’s businesses, including tips and best practices to set up online marketing strategies, marketers and other experts on the field, that will make you fall in love with content and all related news happening here in Munich.

Munich talks

The program of the event is already looking very interesting and it seems this is not going to be “just another Content Marketing event”, but some are already talking about the Munich based Content Marketing lovers’ event as the best one in the world:

“…I am very excited about this event, it will be a turning point in what we consider online marketing today” – Tomas Müller (Social Media Manager)

“…The Munich based Content Marketing lovers seminar is a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs, especially those who are willing to change the most traditional business strategies” – Michael Frei (Marketing Strategist)

Keep on reading us and let the Munich based Content Marketing lovers’ event rock your world!

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Content Marketing tips for Christmas

The Christmas season is the time of the year for talking and investing on content marketing. Did you think you were already on holiday? The count down until the big day has begun and there is still a lot of business to do! 

Content marketers use the holiday season to enhance their brands. You can be sure Christmas will be the perfect opportunity to give a push to your e-company. 

Learn some interesting content marketing strategies for the Christmas period from Love Content Marketing!

Content Marketing tips for Christmas

Promote your products with great content. Make your online shop rock for Christmas!

Online shopping is now more popular than ever. The key to promote your e-commerce is Content! Focus on a great online marketing strategy. Below you will find some Content Marketing tips for Christmas:

Produce high quality content

Do you already have an online magazine or a blog? Create editorial content with the latest trends, as well as nice advertisements. Surveys will help you to get to know your customers best. If you know their needs you will attract potential purchases. 

Use social media to create traffic to your website

Share your content and promotions. Think of gifts or prizes by signing in to your company.

Start E-mails newsletters in November

Newsletters will keep your users engaged during the Christmas period. Let them know all about your promotions, sales and special offers.

Show gratitude and best whishes

Christmas is the perfect period to send your best wishes to your clients and followers.  What’s the most powerful content format to demonstrate how thankful you are for your customers? Of course video or a slide-share presentation, but you can also create basic Christmas cards.

Are you interested in more Content Marketing tips for Christmas? Don’t miss the Munich based content marketing lovers seminar!

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Content Marketing seminar

As most of you already know, the first Munich based Content Marketing seminar is right around the corner – 21st December is the day, get ready!

content marketing seminar
Munich is well-known for its beer, but also for its passion for E-commerce. A good example of this is the massive growth of start-up businesses focused mainly on online marketing related activities. For this, Munich has been chosen as one of the great Content Marketing lovers of all times, and as the perfect hostess for this amazing event. We, Love Content Marketing agency, as sponsors of the event, want to give you some more details on this amazing Content Marketing seminar, so keep on reading!

Content Marketing seminar – 3 days of content marketing love

The Content Marketing seminar will gather together Content Marketing experts from all over the world to talk about their areas of expertise in this fast growing online science. The seminar consists of three days filled with great online marketing related topics:

Day 1: Content Marketing, SEO, SEM and Visibility

The first day of the Content Marketing seminar will consist of an in-depth introduction on the topic, covering main online marketing channels such as SEO and SEM, as well as relevance of online visibility of websites and strategies and tips on how to boost visibility and keep good levels among competitors. Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ will lead the presentation, making the first day of the Content Marketing seminar a must for all online marketing lovers.

Day 2: Social Media Management and E-Commerce

The growing importance of E-Commerce and Social Media Management as a powerful tool for brand awareness will be covered in the second session of the Content Marketing seminar. A well-known management responsible at Hootsuite will join us and drive us through the must-haves when it comes to Social Media and E-Commerce – The Munich based Content Marketing seminar goes viral!

Day 3: Video Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Since social could not exist without community and sharing, the last but not least day of the Content Marketing seminar will focus on collaborations leading to affiliate marketing and the best strategies to build a video marketing campaign –sounds promising!

Content Marketing seminar – we are hiring!

content marketing jobs
Apart from the interesting sessions on all relevant Content Marketing topics for today’s businesses, and the incredible speeches from guest experts, the Munich Content Marketing seminar is the best place for networking when it comes to find jobs in the field. Content Marketing agencies and companies come together in the Content Marketing seminar to learn and find out latest trends on their area of business, but also to find experts and content marketing lovers willing to collaborate with them and help them reach a greater level of success. If you are looking for Content Marketing jobs in Munich – and also internationally – do not miss the opportunity to become part of successful companies and make a great career in the online world, the Content Marketing seminar will help you on your way to success!

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Online marketing lovers must-have tools

Online marketing lovers tools
If you are reading this blog post is because you are among our great audience of online marketing lovers, so keep on reading about the favorite tools of genuine online marketing lovers, you won’t be disappointed.

MOZ – the first choice of online marketing lovers

MOZ provides marketing software subscriptions to help online marketing lovers analyzing their sites and optimizing them to achieve great success among users and search engines. Founded by Rand Fishkin – one of best known online marketing lovers of our time, MOZ offers a great set of tools mainly directed to improve SEO efforts of online marketing sites. Moreover, a blog full of awesome and very helpful content is available in their site, written by great experts on the field of online marketing and search to inspire and guide online marketing lovers from all over the world – bookmark it and read it every day, it is simply fantastic!


“Optimize like a King” – this could be the motto of Searchmetrics and its powerful optimization tool Searchmetrics Suite. Based in Germany and founded by Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics focuses on search engine optimization, offering a large set of tools from keyword analysis based on research and ranking data, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, as well as specific site data such as SEO and SEM visibility, SEO rank based on industry and country details, content optimization tools and the possibility of creating reports and draw conclusions to boost traffic to the site. Even though Searchmetrics is mainly targeting large businesses and agencies, is a must-know for all online marketing lovers seeking to become experts and have an impact in the online advertising world.


Hootsuite is THE tool when it comes to social media management. Nowadays, not only users and online marketing lovers in general, but all kinds of businesses emphasize their online appearance by creating social media profiles, from professional ones such as LinkedIn, to those closely related to personal and more social networking activities such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Social Media and Mobile marketing
Hootsuite consists of a dashboard that allows you to easily oversee and manage all social media networks and profiles, as well as analyze the impact and reach of your networking efforts.

Now that you know some of the must-have tools all genuine online marketing lovers should have, don’t miss the Munich based content marketing lovers seminar to get more tips and insights from real experts, this is not only an experience, it is an opportunity! Join us and make online marketing be your love, your passion!

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Online marketing channels

Traditional Marketing

The change from traditional to online marketing channels

Back in the early 90’s online marketing turn the advertising world as it was known before into a new sphere full of opportunities for business, users, experts and scientists involved in marketing. Before the boom of online marketing, most business wanting to become successful were focusing their activities in what is now called traditional advertising and PR (Public Relations). If PR is still considered a very powerful marketing tool today, traditional advertising placed in newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor billboards, etc. is only a complement of new online marketing channels, but not a must.

Display marketing, also known as display advertising is the online version of traditional advertising. It is one of the most complete online marketing channels, since it reflects all type of ads – from text and images to video, audio and flash. However, more appealing online marketing channels are gaining ground in the fast growing online world.

Online Marketing Channels

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the promotion of a site is done through third parties, who get their payment depending on the traffic, sales, conversions or other actions generated on benefit to the site. Affiliate marketing and other referral online marketing channels commonly use affiliate networks to interact with new partners and offer their services.

Email marketing or CRM

For most business, email marketing or CRM is one of the most important online marketing channels they have to acquire users and keep them engaged with the site. Users receive a newsletter in their emails after providing those to the particular business. This fact is crucial for the success of this tool, since it shows trust and commitment from both sides – users providing the business with personal information, and businesses informing users on updates and interested information that might drive their desire to purchase.

SEM vs. SEO – the eternal battle

SEM or SEA is paid marketing directed to attract users in search results. By bidding on keywords such as the own brand and other specific keywords related to the business and selling products, a company tries to rank for those against competitors that might be bidding for the same keywords. This strategy is highly dependent on competition, since offer and demand are reflected on the bidding prices that companies pay to Google in order to show their ads in top positions in the SERPs.

SEO is the organic version of SEM. Nowadays, more and more companies invest in SEO teams to drive users to their sites by optimizing pages in terms of content and information, technical aspects and appearance and attractiveness for the user. SEO is considered a great connector between users’ purposes and needs and the offer of the site. Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent in determining what are the sites generating the best content users are searching for. Thus, the giant search engine has developed strict guidelines for webmasters to follow in all related areas of SEO. Moreover, considering the expenses of all paid online marketing channels, businesses are trying to use this organic tool to gain in both traffic to their sites while keeping low budget.

Social Media and mobile advertising – the new era of online marketing channels

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… are those familiar? Modern technologies and mobile Internet have created a new era in the world of online marketing, becoming Social Media a must among online marketing channels. The ability of content to go viral, together with low budget makes Social Media and SEO two very attractive online marketing channels to build a complete, creative and successful online marketing strategy.

If online marketing is your passion and you want to learn everything about online marketing channels, join the Munich based Content Marketing lovers seminar on 21st December!

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Munich based Content Marketing jobs

Welcome to Munich, content marketing lovers! Discover the beauties of the Bavarian capital. Apart from the best beer festivals, a great international young community and a big choice of afterwork parties, Munich offers something more interesting… The best career opportunities!

content marketing jobs in Munich

Read our article about Content Marketing jobs in Munich if:

  • You are looking for the perfect job position in Munich that fits to you and, of course, to your salary expectations.
  • You want to build a Content Marketing team (e. g. you are a startup founder).
  • You are a content marketing lover.

Interesting enough? We hope so!

Looking for Content Marketing jobs in Munich

Munich, with one of the lowest EU unemployment rate, demands a high number of qualified professionals in all job fields. We encourage you to look for content marketing jobs not only in German companies like BMW, Audi, Siemens, etc… But also in international organizations from all industries and, of course, in the very challenging e-commerce startups, most of them based in Munich. Westwing Home and Living and Stylight are just a few examples of young and dynamic companies in which Content Marketing is crucial.

Don’t worry if you have just graduated —internships are also very well known in the Bavarian capital—, you are a junior content marketing specialist or a senior marketing manager. What really counts is your motivation. Find the most challenging career opportunities in Munich and drive for success!

Find more tips on how to write an attractive CV and resume, prepare a job interview via the best online resources (in German, “Bewerbung” and “Lebenslauf”).

Content marketing jobs in Munich

Building a content marketing team

Are you considering to run your own startup? Do you want to build the perfect Content Marketing team? Make sure you don’t miss any one of the capacities below because you will need the coordination of all of them to get good results.

Content Marketing managers, SEO Specialist who care for the optimization and visibility of your page, Content writers and content managers that create the best content for your site. Look for creative people, editors with an inner passion for writing. Then you will need the best PR, Social Media and Community Managers, Graphic designers and web developers. Don’t forget how important video marketing is nowadays -video developers are also needed. Don’t miss business analysts!

Being a Content Marketing lover

Are you looking for a unique networking meeting to get to know professionals on the fields of content marketing or e-commerce? Would you like to share knowledge with international marketers from Berlin, Frankfurt and other European business capitals? Don’t miss the Munich based Content Marketing Lovers seminar on 21st December 2015!

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The Kings of Content Marketing

Content is King and marketing is its red carpet to the kingdom of first rankings. The basic idea of using content marketing to spread our great creations to readers and other interested people is not something new, but still there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. Every day we read in blogs and sites specialized in content marketing what are the keys and best practices to succeed in this science and be the owners of the very much loved first ranking in Google search results. But not all that glitters is gold, and getting that first spot is not that easy, and especially and most importantly, keeping it! Keep reading to find out some marketing strategies that will help your site getting there.

Content Marketing Strategy

Understanding Content Marketing as Google does

Google is smart, but still needs to deal with millions of specialized pages every day, or best said, every minute! Modern businesses are aware of all requirements they need to fulfil in order to get accepted by Google, and they keep updating and optimizing their content to be always the best ones. But content is not all that matters, more is that way we market it. Content Marketing needs to have both creative and strategical faces to meet expectations of users and Google’s requirements. We need to make sure that our content is original and contains great information that can be spread through social media channels and reach interested audience. Our content should engage readers, and those should be able to share it not only on social media but also on their sites or blogs. This makes it crucial to follow all necessary technical requirements when setting up our content marketing strategy, so that our content is filled with quality and attractive technical aspects for users, robots and crawlers willing to access it.

Google Analytics and Search Console as key elements of our Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing AnalysisIn order for our Content Marketing strategy to be complete and successful, we need more than great content that can engage users and be shared in social media attracting more and more people. We need as well to follow up on how the success looks like in the online world and, most importantly, in the world of Google’s first rankings. To do this, Google Analytics and Search Console should become our best friends. We set connections to our sites and create customized reports that will allow us to follow up on site’s development and improvement over time based on set targets, metrics and KPIs that we want to achieve. To learn more about this and get a deep-dive training on how to implement and best use these tool, join the Munich based Content Marketing seminar on 21st December! Become an expert, gain the first position in rankings and start enjoying the success of your work in Content Marketing!

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5 Tips to start a mobile marketing campaign

mobile arketing campaign

Looking for the keys to create a mobile marketing campaign?

Congratulations! Mobile marketing is nowadays on the top of marketing communications strategies. Time spent on iOS and Android connected devices has increased radically and App usage dominates browsers when it comes to mobile usage. Coming to users through an effective mobile marketing campaign will be crucial for your business.

This time and in order to increase the knowledge of all marketing lovers, Love Content Marketing in Munich has summed up the 5 basic steps to start a successful mobile marketing campaign. Pay attention!

First start doing your advertising planning you should think about the following questions.

1. Consider whom is the mobile campaign addressed to.

Make a list of audience to know clearly who is going to receive your messages on the smartphone or tablet. Besides the traditional collection of telephone numbers in your events there are several strategies to gather audience, like creating a sign-up option on your website or promoting the campaign through social media or email.

mobile marketing campaign

2. Decide what kind of mobile marketing campaign is the best for your purpose.

SMS (short message service), MMS (multi-media message service), Mobile Apps, Mobile Banner Ads… What type of mobile marketing is the best one to reach your customers?

3. Keep always SEO in mind.

Make a proper keyword research in order to optimize your mobile marketing campaign. Increase your visibility on the search engines. Learn how to use a keyword planner like Google Adwords and other specific SEO tools. Work closely to content marketing experts that create the best content for your company. Make your mobile website rank!

mobile marketing campaign

4. Personalize the mobile campaign to the top.

Get to know your customer’s interests and create a personalized mobile campaign. This way you will catch the attention and interest of the users.

5. Don’t forget the importance of legality.

Respect law and ask for the proper permissions to run your mobile marketing campaign. Be loyal to your customers and make them love your great mobile campaign.

… Do you want to go further into detail about mobile marketing campaigns? Are you still curious about the future of mobile advertising? Don’t miss Munich based Content Marketing lovers seminar this coming December. Sign up to get your tickets and enjoy the Munich based content marketing lovers experience!